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Subject: PRRA and sponsoring
  I am sponsoring my wife... she recieved a letter stating that she is under removal enforcement and has to appear for an interview,what should i do,she hasn?t being given PRRA as yet but am working on putting in her sponsorship... what happen nexts, and should i submit the sponsorship before the PRRA

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You can do it THREE ways.

Why did you delay submitting the sponsorship in the first place? When did you wed and have you been living together?


The first way----- is depending on the country your wife is from you can submit an In Land spousal sponsorship and (IF) CIC looks at it and approves it without an interview they may complete it in time. That is (IF) you can find any new evidence to make the PRRA officer take their time in responding.

(IF) not approved stage one by the time the decision comes down you have to do the following.

Option 2 Withdraw any In Land undertaking for your sponsorship and submit an overseas spousal sponsorship.

Option 3. Submit a PRRA and at the same time submit an Overseas spousal sponsorship. One month for Mississauga CPC to approve the sponsor and one or two months after that send her home with a really good letter requesting authorization to return.


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No, this is definitely not my situation.

My husband arrivved in Canada 2 years ago as a refugee. He had his first hearing approximately 1 year after his arrival. Approximately 3 months after he as notified that it had been rejected. At that point we filled a leave to the federal court because there was just reason to have the case reviewed. During which time we talked about getting married. In January we found out that it had also been rejected but had already made plans to marry on February 16. We were married on February 16 and immediately started to prepare the documents for sponsorship. However, the documents from his home country took longer then we had expected and didn´t arrive until the 11th of March. I believe he received the notice of the PRRA around March 1 or 2. All the documents for the sponsorhip were signed but we didn´t want to send the stuff incomplete.

Now we have just sent the documents and are preparing evidence for the Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. Will they still review the sponsorship application?

If they do review it and it gets processed faster then the PRRA,and he is excepted will he able to remain?

And if the result of the Humanitarian and Compassionate Plee comes back before the sponsorship, where do we go from there?

Thanks for your help!

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he will be able to stay if the sponsor came first but i will tell you whats going to happen he is going to get approvel from the H&C and after that you will recieve a letter from the sponsoship stating that ur invited for interview
H&C you paid the fees for it already and the sponsor as well they are not going to deny the case so they dont return the money 2 u ...

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paper marriage for some cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i have reacived parra but we have time for submissions and in the mean time my wife is sponsoring me whats gona happened?
romi awan
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Do you know how long it usually takes for us to get a response from the PRRA evaluators once the full application has been submitted?

I was reading a report on the PRRA Assessment Process that was conducted by the Government of Canada and it stated that in 2006 the turn around time was approximately 150 days. Do you know if the processing time has changed much? Will we get any type of notification sooner?

Another question:

If the PRRA application is refused and we go to the federal court for review and if the claim is also denied; do you know how long the deportation process take?

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I forgot to add above that the PRRA Application was submitted in B.C.
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I just want to let everyone know once you have a PRRA HAVE NO HOPE....Its the end of the road...
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File PRRA and keep your fingers cross. You don´t know how will be the mood of PRRA officer when he open your file?
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