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Subject: any suggesion plz
  i just have a question if i live in Uk for more then a year then how come CHC will know if i dont mention my stay in UK because its a long process to get a police report from there.....any suggesion plz ? Sharon/Roy/DC what should i do and also i got the visit visa for canada from UK when i was on student visa there in UK. so do you guys think that i should mention it on Scaduale 1 ?
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Hi, Why do you wanna lie for nothing? Have u got a degree from UK? If yes, then you have to mention it.

I don´t think anybody knows in this forum how CIC handle those BG check. May be Roy can tell.

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misrepresentation will get your application tossed in the garbage. Now, how long is too long to wait for a police clearance? If you were there for more than 6 months you have NO OPTIONS.
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Getting UK Police certification wont take that long at all. They will send you the information back within 10 days (2 days if you pay urgent fees). You can download the application online:


Ray Masa
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