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Subject: H&C applications may be cancelled

This legislation must go!

Canada and Canadians are a loving compassionate people for those that have an unusual and undeserved hardship or a disproportionate hardship.

When any applicant is approved or refused on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds (H&C) the applicant never knows why. Why the won or why they lost. No reason is ever given.

Having a H&C application in process does not prevent ones removal from Canada. In theory CIC is to finish processing even if the person is removed and if the applicant has sufficient H&C factors they are to attempt to find them in their former country and bring them back.

Like I believe I´m going to win the lottery too.

I have soooooo many well deserving clients who have been waiting years to be denied or approved so now they will not even be processed after three, four, five, six, seven or one eight years of PROMPT PROCESSING.

I have a big Canadian Business failed refugee H&C applicant with nine employees, several Un-wed mothers from China who would be fined for having a child out of wed lock, a Chinese client with three Canadian children who would be forced to give up Canadian citizenship and never be allowed to go to school unless parents pay foreign student fees etc. etc.



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Well, i do not think that this article proves any thing. And they can not simply cancell H&C without doing any thing about the applications already filed. They might come up with better guidelines about H&C but simply cancelling it would be impossible. Let see what happens. Before canceling they program , they may give amnesty to all the applicants....hehehehehe...who knows...Right.
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