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Subject: Regulated Trades Assesment
  Hi, Can someone please help answer these queries. My family and I are looking to emigrate to Calgary under the skilled worker process. My husband is an electrician with 20 yrs plus experience and we know that he´s credentials have to be assesed, but we don´t know where to start.

Does he have to pass this assesment exam before he can seek work?
Will Canadian employers bother with his resume if he doesn´t have the Journeyman certificate?
Is there anyway to get some sort of study material before he applies to sit the exam?

If anyone can answer one or all of these questions it will be very much appreciated. Thanks

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Go for a Provincial Nominee selection in BC or Alberta.

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Thank you very much for that.........we´ll give it a try.
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Sharon, one has to have a job offer before he can apply for BC PNP?
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