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Subject: travelling
I landed in Canada as a perm res. back in Nov 07 This summer I plan on travelling back to my home country of Tunisia for a visit. I was wondering if I was allowed to travel to France first without having to get a visitor visa. Please adise.
thanks in advance

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as a Tunisian citizen, do you require a visa to vist France - if so, I believe the requirement still pertain to you now.

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you need a visa for france if you want to visit france /schengen area of europe. canadian residency makes no difference when looking at visa rules, its the citizenship that matters

seems like there are a lot of tunisians around. :-)

the big burp
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All Schengen countries issue to the visitor a Schengen visa unless you applied for Resident permit(which is issued by their own language and still valid to travel other Schengen countries).
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All responses above are correct, as a rule of thumb use your country of citizenship to inquire about travel restrictions.


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