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Since I came here in 2005 at the age of 30, I have faced many samples of racism, and discrimination just because I look dark while I was looking for a good job, going out, wondering around toronto, driving, in short simply commuting in Canada... thanks god I do not drink and do not go out late at nights, I guess more people would disturb me if I were a night, party kind of person.... Today after my flight from France, I noticed that no matter I have a canadian passport, got a job, pay my taxes, and never done anything wrong in canada, I will never be able to be a Canadian because of my colour...This is my story..

After getting my PR (a tunisian dark guy here)and working here almost 3 years, I went to France to get married to my French girlfriend ..after 2 months marriage procedures, honeymoon, today I came back and landed in Toronto. At first when I lined up for the customs ( for residents)a white guy in a very rude and arrogant way, said ´this line is only for residents" I said, what makes you think that I am not resident??, do I have to show you my residence card as well? ,,,he shut up, ...then at the customs, the officer asked me all the questions, where I stayed, where I went,how long I stayed, ( as if he can not get that information from my passport stamps) how I met my wife, etc... I just wonder do those officers also ask how they met their wives to white canadians?? so far still ok, they got the right to ask for anything I can show respect... .Then while I was waiting for my luggage another officer asked me the same questions, ...he also checked my declaration card, and kept on talking.... if you have not declared anything you will be punished, and each time you enter Canada there will be a body check etc...I said I know my responsibilities and I have not done anything wrong, there is no need to tell me all this,....the same officer later (after I got my luggage and ready to leave the airport) checked all my buggage just to piss me off, could not find anything, and shut up ....At the customs, there were some other officers as well, somehow only approaching dark coloured Indian, Arabs or Asians etc. , while I was waiting for my luggage I noticed they questioned at least ten people, getting all the details, somehow NONE of them was white....!!... I guess all dark skinned people are criminals, and white people are great, respectful citizens, they never commit crime, !!!!! You know what? The more I stayed in this country as a dark skinned person the more I started dislike this country!!!!Shame on you Canada!!!! I am telling all those dark skinned people be careful, think again,your brother is talking here, I am muslim, I am much darker than white canadians, I am an immigrant...No white person can tell you the challenges an immigrant will have in cANADA!!! SO THINK AGAIN!!!! DESPITE the corruption in my country i am seriously thinking of going back, at least people in the streets will not bother me!!!!

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Take it easy my friend, it happens. We are all human and where the term human comes, we must think that we are not infaliable. We make mistakes. You had bad experience but it does not mean all white men/women are racist towards muslims or people of the color. Unfortunately, there is too much going on between muslim worls and the west that security checks on muslims are more detailed that others. And people on the duty have no choice but to carry this out. Especially, after 9/11 the things are not the same as they used to be for many people especially muslims.

As a muslim and a peaceful human being this is your responsibility to change people´s mind through a message of peace for all. I know this is not that easy but you have to start it from some where. Do not get dishearted. Because this will only create more hatred in the world. As a peaceful human being this is our responsibility that we should change our minds as an individual and every drop in the sea counts. It does not feel but it counts in the end. I wish you all the best and i hope you do not go through any of such experience in future.

Good Luck!

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G´Day there my friend,
I understand your frustration and even though I am not a muslim I still know what you are gooing through.
I immigrated from Holland too Australia in 1992 and I have been here ever since, and i have to tell you that it is not easy.
I am caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes and I am still expreiencing discrimination here because of my accent.
I was hoping that this would disappear over the years, but it did not, I think you are reasonably lucky in Canada, Canadians are overall not big racists, they are very tolerant, but unfortunately 9/11 did not much good for those muslims who are against violense and do have good intentions
Here in australia it doesn´t matter what religion you are or what the color of your skin is, as long as you don´t have a 100% australian accent you are not really welcome here, I and many of my friends (also mmigrants) experience the same day after day, when applying for jobs, when making an enquiry etc etc.
there is a sentence that I was tought by a new zealander once and it goes like;
" australians do not discriminate, they hate everybody"
and I reckon this sentence is the truth unfortunately.
No matter what my friend, muslim or no muslim, be proud of who you are and what you are, as long as you adjust to the country you live in.
Keep your chin up, be proud and live your life.
I am jalouze because you live in a beautifull country with proper seasons, I live in a country with only 2 types of weather and those are " HOT AND STINKING HOT".
I´ll swap you any time.
good luck and all the best with your quest.

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you live in a city where 50% of the population is not white. Who is racist towards who? you sound pretty racist yourself!

You had a jerk for airport security - get over it. If you think Canada is racist - try living in France, or perhaps try living in Tunisia as a white person or a non- Muslim.

Attitude is everything.

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Hi,if 50% of the poplulation in not white that does not mean that is CANADIANS (white) are not racist!?!

Sharon, you won´t feel it until YOU experience yourself. It´s VERYYYYYY easy to say it´s nothing just security check..BUT it´s not. The problem with these DEVELOPED( SO CALLED DEVELOPED)countries that their LAWS are so strong that THEY could not show their racism wideopen....

Most funny thing, those nation who is not NATIVE ( IMMIGRATED) claim that country belong to them---LIKE AUSSI and of course, USA..

BUT I am agree with Sharon that Omar has not seen true racism like in Europe...Canada is still playing on the shore..If there would be racism contest ...I am sure Norway,German, France and Finland will win that race..

Omar, try to hang on man. Don´t think about it; just think some filthy human being was in that situation. You decide your future not them.Build a strong base and enjoy your life.

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To Sharon:I am a man, I can never understand the pain a lady has when she gives birth, I can only try to understand their pain, and show respect...Please be silent when an immigrant expresses his frustration or anger or unhappiness. Learn to say I am sorry to hear that in the first place....

I guess you are white...one those white people who think they own canada like the jerk who warned me no line up somewhere else. You can not recommend where I should live, I live whereever I want to and fight for racism and discrimitation whereever I live. This could be my own country, or France or Canada!!! This country belongs to you and many others like me who come to live here, didnt your own parents go through the same procedure? Oh sorry, misinformation, no way, they were not assessed on their education, job experience, and they were not asked how much they should bring into Canada. Still I do not have the same attitude towards those early residents like you have for immigrants. I am sure those early residents suffered a lot,and in my prayers I ask the god to help those who worked for humanity, who suffered a lot in this world when they pass away to the other world...However, i am a man, I can hear, feel, see and smell, I do smell something else behind the events I had at the airport..thanks god, I could speak English could even have been teasered like that Polish guy.. or Like you who is teasering me becasue of my post here.. I am sure all those people, white, brown, dark contributed to this country as much as they could, take those chinese who built thousands of railroads all over Canada. Do you think their children are treated the same way you are treated here? I do not think so ...My chinese friend at work who was born here and natureally Canadian says that even she had many problems just because she looked asian.

By the way my current lady is a white, and I do not think as a university professor in France she is not that stupid to pick a racist guy to marry...I have many white people around me, we work and help each other a lot, when discrimination is concerned I am probably the last person to be blamed for racisism or discrimination..have you ever cried when you listened to a sad story of an immigrant here in Canada? I did.... I even could not help crying when I saw some kids in an orphanage, they were not muslim or black Sharon..I belive I have done a lot in my short life here in Canada, and still doing so, I feel embarassed when I mention it but still some portion of my salary automatically goes to kids who need a home in Canada..!

In this country from my experience there are still many many great white people, and definetly NOT racists and do not take parts like you each time when somebody says something bad about canada!!! , ...Do you think my situation at the airport, just having a jerk at the airport security? Keep on thinking the same way...and come over each time whenever someone says something about their problems in canada and blame them for being racisists...

When others even complain about my own country, I show respect, and say sorry for that...I guess you should do something about your language and wording... I am not going to explain you how come Toronto´s population is 50% multi cultural, and who suffer, who not...or the reality behind immigration procedure...if you still do not know the reasons for immigration or multiculturalism there is nothing I can do.....

To others thank you very much for your politeness and consideration, I am sure the world will be a better place if you try to understand those people who suffer a lot and respect to their stories...I am in Canada, not in Australia or Finland or middle east so my work against discrimination will continue here until I am fed up...

Thank you

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Some authority figures are excessive and sometimes others ask for problems. I will back that comment up with an example.

We can argue this until the cows come home and nothing will change much because of attitude and lack of corroboration.

I had a friend of a client come and consult with me to see if I could assist him with his situation.

The man in question was from Kenya and very dark complexion. He drives Long Haul Trucks for a living and makes considerable money. He is a failed refugee claimant. One night he got a bright idea to go to a strip club. He lives in Toronto but..... he loaded three of his fellow dark skinned friends from Kenya and drove to Belleville, ON in his BMW to visit a strip club. After consuming a considerable amount of alcohol he loaded his friends back into his BMW and started the drive back to Toronto. (Approx. 4 hour drive)

He got about six blocks when a white police officer pulled him over at 3 a.m. and charged him with excess alcohol over .80 mg

He then did the same think two months later before his first trial, in the City of Barrie about 100 k north of Toronto. Again it was a white police officer stopping him at 3 a.m.

I told him that I could not help him because he would be convicted and found inadmissible and he should prey that time moves fast and he gets a Pardon.

Instead of taking any responsibility for his actions or lack of actions he blamed the two white officers. This man drives for a living and could find not one strip club in the city of Toronto by taxi? He saw no justification for the Belleville Police Officer stopping the only BMW that he has probably seen in Belleville at 3 a.m. with four black man! He also did not understand the white female officer in Barrie that arrested him either.

None of my other Black clients see any fault in the Police Officers actions in profiling this guy as a potential drug dealer but see him as an idiot looking for problems and causing them problems with authorities.

OMAR I do not intend in any way to imply your story is one bit embellishment or that you were picked on but there is a complaint procedure and I personally know the head of CBSA in the GTA and that person will take action in regards to any complaint after investigation. I´m confident any other region is the same.




...."I just wonder do those officers also ask how they met their wives to white canadians??"
...."I guess all dark skinned people are criminals, and white people are great, respectful citizens, they never commit crime, !!!!! "
...."I am telling all those dark skinned people be careful, think again,your brother is talking here, I am muslim, I am much darker than white canadians, I am an immigrant..."



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I think Roy, you are dismissing this as frivolous and by turning the blame back on Omar you are brushing everything under the rug. The bottomline is that even if you are a white in Tunisia being discriminated.... its still BLOODY WRONG !!
Its absolute stupidity to say to someone that since since its there in your place of origin, please shut up. You are basically telling him that Canada is no different from Tunisia... good job dude ! If you go through such experiences you will know Roy.... being pulled over and wasting 3 hours being questioned, harassed in the security lines.... when you experience it you will understand, but you did hot it on the nail.... its surely an ATTITUDE problem to understand how the other person feels before lambasting his character.

Moreover you have a habit to decide what others should do.... probably comes through your day job that flows into every conversation that you have with anybody. Why do you assume he is complaining to us ? Is he going to get some help or justice from us ? Its his opinion and his experiences that he is giving us, I don´t see an issue with it. Just like immigrants don´t have "Canadian" experience... you Roy do not have any "real life immigrant" experience.

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Think what you may Raj you and I were not there to see Omar situation.

Someone getting in line informed Omar that he may be in the wrong line and that person is a racist. Did you see how Omar was behaving how he was dressed, I did not! "a white guy in a very rude and arrogant way, said ?this line is only for residents" His attitude seems strange and so does his motives to me at least.

What one hears and what is meant can be two different things.

Reg Williams is the head of CBSA for GTA Omar should contact him and complain if his comments can be corroborated in any way. Even if they can´t be corroborated possibly if anything similar happens to others the issue will be addressed.

Raj I was pulled aside in Tampa Florida and questioned for three and a half hours, fingerprinted and photographed ran through their computer system BEEN THERE DONE THAT DUDE!!!!!

I was an Immigrant in another country for six years so there Raj hahaha Don´t think only people of colour have issues with racism. I agree it is wrong but there is a correct way to complain. Omar spent the time finding this site but has not found the CBSA site to complain nor posted which airport or terminal he arrived at. If he arrived in Toronto I´ll post the CBSA telephone numbers to assist him.

I complained properly to the American Authorities and I got results. THAT IS WHAT OMAR SHOULD DO.

Here is a guy who just left his bride behind in France and arrives home. Would not any man who has just left his bride behind be more then a little stressed out Raj?

So do you want to trade immigrant stories, Raj BEEN THERE TOO.

Nothing personal but either your part of the problem Raj or part of the solution Raj. Look up the CBSA site and ascertain the correct complaint procedure for Omar.


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Defintely, Sharon and Roy did not like what Omar said that is why their comments are bit aggressive and blunt because they both are white and Canadian born (i assume). Especially Sharon, as i have several times on this forum is tooooooo rude towards such postings,. She does not have any patience or listening skills that is why she immediatly gets hyper and comes up with such comments. An immigrant is sharing his experience, good or bad, you need to give him a message which bring peace and not create more hatred. If we all start behaving the same then this world will become a misreable place. You can not feel what Omar is saying because you are not an immigarnt, you are white.......I wish you could feel what Omar is saying. Anyways, no hard feeling, please be nice and spread peace not hatred. Love for all.
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Roy, you may have missed a point here, Omar is pointing out the difference in attitude towards colored people, three hours wait for you may have been necessary in Florida.... are you a resident of the USA ? Moreover if you are treated in a proper manner during those 3 hours you still may feel its okay depending on the circumstances. If you are mistreated, 3 hours may seem like 3 days no matter what circumstances.

Just for my info...
Which country were you an immigrant Roy ? How old were you ?
Nothing personal, but I choose not to trade any lame stories.