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Subject: h & c application with a sponsorship
  i have submitted and H&C apllication with a sponsorship, am being sponsored by my brother, i was told that i can be sponsor if my brother doesn´t have a anyone here in canada and am the only one he has in this country, now our parents died and am the only one with my brother, is it possible to be given the PRRA as i had applied as a refugee and failed.does he have to put in the sponsership from outside since i don´t fall under the family class but i could be sponsor since am the only one left.
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First your brother has already signed a IMM 1344A Undertaking of Assistance when you submitted your application for Permanent Residence from within Canada (H&C Application).

Second your brother can submit an overseas sponsorship based on one other relative because he has nobody but that restricts his future marital plans for some time. See Manual OP2 (chapter 5.24 I think).

Third the brother can have only one undertaking at a time. Your decision to withdraw his undertaking for the H&C and leave your H&C application to run its course. Then put in another application from outside of Canada with another Undertaking of assistance and WAIT! Don´t forget new processing fees!

2+ years for Mississauga CPC to approve your brother as a sponsor then the processing times for parents at least found on the www.cic.gc.ca site.

All the time remembering the ONUS is on the applicant to put forward any H&C factors they feel exist in their case.

At the end of the day it is your personal circumstances that should control your decision.


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Hi sir/madam:


(1) If my mother applies for H & C and then I sign the Undertaking to kind of support her in the application (though i was told it is not required and not legally binding), will that still mean that I have "sponsored" her? So that if i were asked if i have "sponsored" a relative, my answer should be "yes"? I take note of this Operation Bulletin 528 dated Aug 29, 2014.

(2) If I were to sponsor someone, do I add that person in the # of my household members in determining my LICO?

Thanks for your advice.


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please tell me processing time for family sponsorship of parents and grandparents? my file was put in may2008 and now file is proceeding by canada high commission new delhi since past 2 years. please give me reply
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