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  G´day from Australia

My wife and I have been talking about immigrating to Canada for the past 3 years, but so farwe have not actually applied yet, there was always something that held us back.
Now we believe it is the time to put our plans into action and so we are finally sending off the paperwork today (without delay).
according to the immigration website the application process will take between 2 and 5 years, WOW that is a long time, can anyone advice me on this, did your application take that long as well?.
I read a lot of the topics posted in this forum and would in general like to comment on it.
regarding the foreign qualifications and experience; the fact that often employers in your new addopted country do not or hardly recognize them can be avoided or bend, by sending your degree´s, diploma´s etc to the official quilification recognition agency in Canada you will know exactly what your foreign qualification is recognized as in Canada, with this knowledge you know what you can or can´t do according to the Canadian standards, (this a an issue in every country), once you know you can work on that by doing a simple refresher course in Canada and get the knowledge of how Canadian employers want you to work, you will find that the problem disappears.
Research your profession on Canadian websites, find out what is different between your profession in your country of heritage and Canada, if you can tell a Candian employer what he wants to hear during an interview, you will find that they are a lot more willing to hire you.
The problem in every country is that the local people see immigrants as creatures whom take their the local jobs away from those whom are more entitled to it (the locals), adjust to local customs as much as possible, let people think that you have been around for many years and that youbelong there.
I am an investigator (private sector) in perth Australia and every time I encounter a problem I reserach the internet and I can guarantee you that there is a solution for every problem on the internet.
Get involved with local arganisations, charity or organize something yourself, you will find that this speeds up the process of acceptance a lot ( done that and been there).
I can´t wait to go to Canada, after 16 years in Australia the extreme heat here is frying my brain (whats left of it), X-mas in summer over 40 degrees celsius, every day of the summer over 35 degrees celsius, this drives you nuts.
I hope that I have been helpful a bit in general, I experienced the above myself several times as I am an immigrant in Australia and so is my wife.
good luck to all and hope to see you all next year.

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G´day, Jack. Or from up here- hello, eh?

Unfortunately, you´re correct. Skilled worker applications through Syney are averaging 29 months. Here´s the Canada Immigration website link with processing time information:

I found your perspective on local attitudes regarding immigrants and jobs rings true. Not acting like a foreigner and trying to melt into the local community goes a long way in successful adaptation, especially in the job search front. Many of us coming form the States have found resistance in hiring Americans, especially those that have not yet permanently settled in Canada.

It often takes making the move first, with that inherent risk, and then looking for employment. As Sharon and others here have stated correctly, Canadian employers tend to prefer hiring locals who are already comfortable and established locally, rather than take a risk with someone coming from out of country who might then not adapt well and return home.

I found your view of life in Australia interesting. It seems to me Oz has always been a destination at the top of many immigrants lists. I can understand having enough of the heat there, as I´ve read in the news that Australia has had severe drought and water shortages over the past few years.

On the other hand, Canadian winters can be quite cold and equally unbearable for many who live up north. Many Canucks dream of warmth, and regularly head to Florida, Mexico, and other southern destinations for relief from the frigid temperatures. Condos in Florida as second homes are hot items for many Canadians as a result.

In any event, as one who has gone through the application process, my advice is to check out Canada first with visiting and traveling the country a bit. If it´s a place where you want to live, by all means apply. Make sure your skill is needed and you have the required points by taking the self-test at the Canada immigration website. Also consider the provincial nominee programs, as the processing times can be much faster for the right skills. Roy here can provide more information on that program.

Good luck and hope you stay in touch with us here in your progress.

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