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Subject: Please Advice
  Hi All, Iam new to ths forum and i searched for my specific quesion in this forum and couldnt found.

My case:

One year before(Jan 2007) i registerd with an Apprenticeship program with an Company, which iam working for Now. Contract was for the progrm Govt will give some allowence to Employer (Not me) and employer will pay me as salary.(I provided my SIN number when i register with this program). Behalf of me employer is receiving some benefit.

Currently iam working with same company. I Filed my last return in Feb 2008 and received notice of assessment, Which shows how much is my total income and taxes i i paid etc. So far good.

Here is My Question:

For sponsering spouse, I need option C printout, i have not requested yet for Option C. In my case whether option C ill show the benefit my employer receiving behalf of me ?. If YES it will be any problem ?. To sponser, i heard that sponser should not receive any benefit from Govt. Please kindly advice about my situation. Any anything i need to take care before submitting application ?


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