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Subject: CPC-Mississauga address
  I sent my spouse sponsorship application package on last 4 th April,Friday to the specified P.O Box address in CPC-M,by priority courier provided by Canada post with signature option which was the quickest method.It should have been received by Monday noon according to service standard,since it is sent from Toronto,I tracked canada post website and found last status is in 4 th,says "Items processed by Canada post facilities,Mississauga",Just wondering why its not been updating though?Since Its a P.O box address thats why its sitting in Post office,no body to sign,but Canada post says there is no problem with delivering Priority courier with P.O box address.Right now they are in the process of tracing it.But My question is that when its gonna be updated as ´Successfully delivered to recepients"..Kind of tense right now.
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I had the same problem, after a week they posted saying that it was delivered on the second day. Actually canada post is bad on putting stuff on tracking list. so you will have the same experience i guess. everything should be fine.
CPC-Mississauga address (in reply to: CPC-Mississauga address)
Anish,u also sent by Priority courier with signature options?
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i sent a family sponsorship application parkage on 3rd july,wednesday by express canada post. on the parkage i wrote " ADD-ON ",because i am adding a child on my wife´s application in process. Am wondering if my application parkage was not put in first time application envelopes? please would you check for me.thanks
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