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Subject: Education Points
  Thanks for feedback, but Still in confusion!

Today again I contact the local consultant dealing only with Canadian immigration; I quote the reference of CIC Web site regarding education points. Link & detail is as
You have a master?s degree or PhD and at least 17 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.

But again he said that I have 5 years of experience in Canadian consultancy & I have not seen even a single case with 17 years of study got 25 points from Pakistan, also how it could be possible that 17 years of study from Pakistan equal 17 years of study from Canada?

He also quote the example as Pakistan?s Master = U.K´s Bachelor so if Same Degrees are not equal then how no. of years could be same for Pakistan & Canada i.e. 17 years study from Pakistan is not equal to 17 years of study from Canada or UK.
I want to apply but confused due to said imbiguity, any solution?

Aamir Sharif
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