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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship
I´m Canadian immigrant,going to sponsor my husband living in India.
Would I need to get a job letter and option c printout for that purpose?
Can I go to India after sponsoring my husband so as to live with him?
Thank You.

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yes you have to get a job leeter and option c certif. and yes after you filed the application you can go to india and live with ur hubby
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You need to be in Canada, job/income does not matter for spousal sponsorship.

For more information, check the following:


Good luck

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You say you are a Canadian Immigrant? If you are a PR/permanent resident the you MUST be in Canada to sponsor your husband.

If you are a Canadian citizen then you can sponsor your husband in Canada and then return to India or go to India and sponsor him from there.

Hope this helps.


mr. magoo.

mr magoo
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Hi there..I just married two months before in india. now, i want to sponsor my husband. I want to know that how much fund i have to show for sponsorship and what is other document i have to show for financial support.


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