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Subject: Renewing study permit from another province
  I am an international student at an university in BC with co-op work permit. In January 2008 I got a 1-year co-op in Alberta (arranged through my university) and moved there as my program requires me to perform at least 3 semester of work related to my field of study.

My study permit expired at the end of March 2008 and I applied to renew it 30 days before expiry. Now I have received a letter from CPC stating that because I "moved" to AB, enrolment letters from my school in BC are not valid anymore and I need to submit letters from a school in AB for study and co-op work permit. My current study and work permit details are as follows:
Study permit:
Institution: Other University B.C.
Work permit:
Location: Unknown
As far as I understand, I didn?t go to any school in AB, so didn?t break the rule for Institution. But now, my status is at risk, and I cannot get health insurance without the permits. My question is:
What is the law that I am breaking? What should I do / what documents should I provide to convince CPC that I am a student for my univ. at BC and just doing a co-op at AB, after which I intend to complete the remainder of my courses with my uni in BC

I had applied for immigration in Buffalo; they started processing it in May, 2006. Still haven?t heard anything from them. Any idea when I can expect to hear from them?

I got married in May 2007, my husband (he?s a PR) sent in sponsorship documents for PR in March 2008. But right now I am in the implied status because of the fiasco with my study permit. What is the step to take to prevent my loss of legal status? Should I apply for a visitor´s visa just in case?

Thanks a lot. Your help is appreciated.

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