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Subject: about educational attainment and others
  Dear Sir,

I am from the Philippines. I would like to inquire about applying to immigrate to Canada under the category skilled workers and professionals, I would really appreciate it if you can help me determine as to where the following questions would most appropriately be classified in the selection factor, I have read the CIC website but I need more help regarding the following:

1.) Education:
- I want to try the free online qualification assessment but I cannot continue to do so because I don´t know which to select from the highest educational attainment list, I don´t know where I would most appropriately belong in that list.
How many points would an applicant earn if they finished high school and was able to take up college bachelors level courses but was not able to graduate or finish the course, but have actually managed to study until the graduating year but did not actually graduate to complete the college program. How many points can be awarded if for example that the college program takes 5 years to complete and the applicant was already on the fifth year (graduating year) but was not able to continue to graduate, plus 6 years of elementary education plus 4 years of high school education, how many points would this add up in the point system?

2.) Adaptability - Relatives in Canada:
- Can a very dear aunt residing in Canada who is a child of a grandmother´s brother and who is more than willing to receive and accommodate an applicant be considered as a relative in Canada to claim additional 5 points?

3.) Can a local Philippine registered nurse apply for the live-in caregiver program in Canada?

john young
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