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Subject: 2 yrs old son for PR
  Hi to everybody, need little help. i came in Canada in oct 1998 and left on oct 2004 and back jan 2007 . in the mean time my son borned in italy in 2005 .. and right now we asking for his PR.. its looks like its reallly tough to get his pr may be i´m wrong ... both me and my wife have our PR card.. is it possible that the immigration can refuse his pr. isnt again any international law cause we are his familly and living in Canada .. i have also a 8 yrs boy who is canadian .can somebody tell me how much income i should make for a support of 4 persons .. i will really appreciate any help... thanks s
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If your sponsering your dependent children and they have no children of there own and not married, you dont need any income. you should be able to sponser your son u dont need income to sponser him, he was born after you agian PR status in canada.

If you were a canadian citizen before your son was born heis automatically a citizen as well.

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