I don't know what to do!

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Subject: I don't know what to do!
  Sorry to hijack this thread but it won´t let me create a new thread and my question is ultra urgent!

Hi everyone, I´m not sure if this is the right place to post this but considering everyone is very helpful I´ll give it a shot.

Me and my family entered Canada through USA in and applied for a refugee status. The case was rejected after a year and we challenged the decision. The challenge was lost and we were deported. Before we were deported we had applied for a permanent residency based on humanitarian and compassionate basis. Recently I checked the status of that application on cic.gc.ca and it says that a decision has been made and that a letter has been sent to the address on file. Now considering that I´m in Pakistan right now and they have sent the letter to my address in Canada, how can I find out what decision has been made? Who should I contact to get the status of my application? Please provide a contact number.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you control the mail there?

Well do you know who lives at that address?

If you have no access to the mail you need to hire someone to get the information. You of course will have to provide your client ID# DOB etc.

Then they can deal with CIC.

If you used an authorized representative to submit your H&C application that person may already have a copy of your letter. If you used a Authorized representative have him/her ascertain the results.


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No I don´t know who lives at that address anymore and have no one trustworthy in Canada. I submitted the application with the help of a friend but he´s not willing to help anymore. Can´t I contact a Canadian representative in Pakistan and ask them to give me the information? If so who should I contact in Pakistan regarding this inquiry?

Thanks for your help.

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Any help guys?
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U can call cic in canada they will have ur information updated..cheers
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Like I informed you hire an authorized representative and sign the Use of Representative Form IMM 5476 or have a former friend sign a IMM 5475 and have them send in the form then contact the call centre whenever they show the USE of Rep form on file.


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