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Subject: Pleasant Landing
  I had a very pleasant landing today. In and out in just 20 minutes.
One thing though the immigration officer asked for the permanent address in Canada and we gave our relative´s. Then officer said the card cannot be mailed to you and if caught in mail it will be seized.
Is it true? Has it happened with anyone?


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That is really weird, maybe he was just being funny !
Did you tell him that you are going out of Canada soon and your relative is going to post the card to you ? Thats the only thing I can think of at this point.
Take it easy.

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Somebody told me that you can put the address of the CPC visa office closest to the place you will live. We plan to do that, apparently it works!

We don´t have an address ... see what will happen.

Anybody has experienced that ?

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Just provide an address for your PR card will be mailed to that address. And no PR card is not seized when mailing out of Canada.
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Where did you land? What was your timeline?
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I entered from Seattle in Vancouver...around 5PM
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Is it safe to ask my relative to Fedex the PR card, instead of using the Canadian postal service?
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You can use either. Both are allowed to carry identity documents if they are not on the prohibited list in the destination country.
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