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Subject: Want to visit to canada
  Hi , i am Rahul and i have given T.Y.B.COM exam this year i.e year 2008 and i have also done diploma in Hotel management , but i don´t want to work in india , and i am interested in working in Canada . the positive thing for me is that my cousin brother is in canda right now from the past 2years so now can he Sponser me and Called me to Stay with him so that i can work there .Can anybody advise me how much money i will have to spend and what are the rules ane regulation and am i eligible for the same .

Pls do the needful and oblige .

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Rahul, it´s not so easy as you think. First of all, you have to show that you are gonna come back to India otherwise, you don´t even a chance to get a visa. Beside that, with your tourist visa( your are gonna visit right?)you won´t get a job;even some how you manage it´s illegal.

It´s even difficult to get your own mother in Canada and you are not even his own brother?! So, how that be possible ( getting visa)...I don´t know.But you should try to find out the truth.

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Thanks dear for Replying my message , by the way where are u from dear , i like the way u have repleid my message dear
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Dear sir or i want to go to canada for a training which is going to held by World Bank in Ottawa for 4 weeks.
but ny visa refused due to ( i am not satisfied to visa officer that i will leave canada after compleation of my training), please help me about this because this very imprtant training.

best regards

Muhammad Masood Khalid
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there is nothing anyone here can do for you. we are all just regular people trying to do the same things as you. You need to find a way to satisfy CIC that you will go home when the course is finished.
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