Certificat de selection (Quebec) Issues

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Subject: Certificat de selection (Quebec) Issues
  Hi everybody,

This is my first time posting in this website and I?m seeking some help.

Actually I have sent my papers on February 11, 2008 to CIC buffalo and I still didn?t get any answer. I have sent also my ?certificate de selection du Quebec? that will expire by the end of this month (May). I would like to know how long that is it takes to process the files now? And if they send it back to me for any reason after the end of May would my ?certificate de selection du quebec? still be valid? I have also enclosed my police clearances and they should have expired by now would it be also a problem?

Thank you for your help

to immigrate to canada (in reply to: Certificat de selection (Quebec) Issues)
iwant to apply in the certificate de selection quebec idont know how to get in please i need your help.
joy omoyewmwen omoregbee
(in reply to: Certificat de selection (Quebec) Issues)
Start here:




Ray Masa
to joint it with my document to present at ambassy (in reply to: Certificat de selection (Quebec) Issues)
I present you my salutation.I presented at Canada Embassy to give my document for analyze, but the Secretary ask me to come with the certificate the selection Quebec. it´s so that I write you to send me a selection certificate on my mail so that to present at embassy.
AlLTEMA Wilbenson
Requets the certificat of selection (in reply to: Certificat de selection (Quebec) Issues)
I present you my salutation in Jesus Christ, I´m Wilbenson ALTEMA, I want to reside in quebec, I have all my documents to submit its at embassy canada, but I miss The certificate of selection Quebec to joint with my document,I write you to send on my mail this certificate, To hope that my request will be reading, receive my best feeling expression.
AlLTEMA Wilbenson
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