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Subject: Sponsoring a refugee clamaint- HELP.....

I need advice! I am a Canadian permanent residence. Its been more than a year since my fianc?e submitted his PIF after claiming refugee status inside Canada, but has yet to be called for a hearing.

Am currently pregnant, and we intend to get married hopefully before the "baby bumps"

Here are my questions:

1. Is it legal to get married to a refugee claimant before his hearing?

2. I want to sponsor him after we get married, is this possible? he hasnt be called for a hearing yet

Any advice, appreciated!



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Come on silly girl ----- smile.

If he is the right person for you by all means sponsor him. First thing he should do is go into the IRB and inform them of any address changes so his claim is not deemed abandoned.

One client of a Lawyer went in to have his claim heard and the member was furious because they had not submitted a spousal sponsorship and it was obvious from her kids and his kids that they were a happy REAL family. We won their case salt and pepper super family.

Their Lawyer had told them to wait to submit the spousal sponsorship.

Having a statement of live birth showing him as a father or just you with a big belly proves nothing.

Prove that the relationship is genuine all will be fine but PROVE the relationship well. CIC will question the timing of the application so everything must be WELL explained. How you met, where you met what happened next why, why, why, why.


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Thanks Roy,

Are you saying even though he is yet to be called for a hearing, I can go ahead to put in a sponsorship application after the marriage ?

A friend told me that Imigration might see this as an abuse of the system because he will have multiple pending application ( Refugee clamaint and Sponsor sponsorship )

What do u think ?


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