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Subject: Please help...
  First of all thank you for your help,
In application form to sponsor and undertaking(IMM 1344A) the first question asks, if you are ineligible to sponsor indicate whether you want to withraw your application or proceed?
I´m afraid if I say I want to withraw they may wonder why I am not serious to sponsor my partner and if I say I want to proceed, then they will refuse my application in embassy. I prefer to withraw my application if they find me ineligible, so I can resolve the problem before I wait 6-9 months for refusal letter.
Can you help me on this issue? what should I do?

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you just gave the exact reason they ask the question - withdrawl option is not a test for sincerity. it is an opportunity to fix whatever problem there may be and start again.

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Thant is a rough figure! Dont Worry. Can Any one comment on my first post Please ????


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