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Subject: Advice on work visa
  I am Ashish from Mumbai I had applied for the work visa for Canada from Mumbai VFS, with all the relevant documents such as LMO, Contract from employer, Original passport, Work experience certificate etc but my application has being rejected stating that I do not have sufficient income and asset in my own country and I will not return back from Canada if I visit there so please help me to know which document I will have to submit to satisfy the high commissioner that I will return back from Canada if I visit there .

I also want to know that if I want to visit Canada on tourist visa, will it be possible or I will have to arrange for some documents from Canada first and if not then can I Convert the tourist visa into work visa in Canada if I visit there or if I gets the job there, because my cousin brother is there and he may help me out for all this

I am desperately waiting for reply

Thanks in advance for whoever will reply

Thanks for the co-operation


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"Intentions not clear" reason for refusal is kind of tricky. They want to make sure that you will indeed comeback to your home country. You should try to show property, strong family ties etc. You should also prove that you can easily find job once you comeback. This can be done by showing previous employment record. Another important thing to consider is your education and previous employment should somewhat relate to your job in Canada.

To convert from tourist visa you will still need to apply to one of the consulates. So, if you cannot manage a work visa from your home country then do not count on converting from tourist visa.

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hi Ashish, i would like to know something from u.. my huby is trying to find a job in Canada. he is an architect.. we dont know how to start and where to.. how to get an LMO and pls give us some useful info abt getting a job there while still in India. thank you..
Indira Prabhakaran
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Unless that you can drastically change your situation is going to be difficult to obtain a work visa.

If you are thinking about immigrating to Canada, you may want to consider the Provincial Nominee Program. If your employer needs your skills and depending on your profession and the province this option may work out for ya.

It is faster than a regular skill worker category.



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Hy Ashish
If you are thinking about an LMO then maybe the best place to start would be with an immigration lawyer or talk about it with somebody at an employment agency. They are always able to prepare the documents.
The comment you made about rejecting your application on the grounds of low income is quite worrying as I am in the same situation, I have yet to hear from Vegreville CIC but just have a nasty feeling they will say the same thing to me. Sincerely hope you get it sorted out soon.


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Hi Ashish so did you re-apply? update about what happened?
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hi i was i apply for a LMO before 3 months m not get any replay back to hrsdc u have any idea when i will get my positive LMO
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