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Subject: hiring a lawyer
hi, will anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a lawyer for applying for PR for Canada?? thanks..
Indira Prabhakaran
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Which type of PR application?

The type of PR application makes a huge difference in regards to your answer.

CIC will state and does state very clearly on their web site that you do not need to hire a representative that your file will proceed at the same snail pace as all their other applications submitted without the assistance of a Consultant or Lawyer.

I make a good amount of money just on that selling point. I really appreciate CIC and others saying you do not need a Lawyer or Consultant.

Never hire anyone just because they are a member of a Provincial Bar Association. Get references and ascertain if they have sufficient experience to assist with your personal situation.

Today I have a spousal appeal based on a refusal of a spousal sponsorship. The sponsor has her own company called "Golden Touch" she is a holistic healer. Her husband was asked for a name of one of her co-workers and he said I don´t know any of her co-workers names. The acting Visa Officer then (googled) the sponsors company name and claims google shows it as "EXOTIC MASSAGE".


During any marriage interview the applicant must know lots of details regarding their sponsors place of employment, co-workers names if any, location of employment etc. etc.

Google (Golden Touch)!
A Golden Touch Home Services in Oakville, Mississauga, Milton ...
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I sure hope the owner of this business does not sponsor anyone through Hong Kong.



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