Can Any One Advise ?? Please

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Subject: Can Any One Advise ?? Please
  I am About to submit the application. Iam working as Contract employee with one software dev firm.
They are paying me whole salary without deducting tax or other benefits.

To attach with sponsership application, I got a letter form employer stating that iam employed with the company since (date) and my mothly salary is $xxx.00 and i work at least 40 hrs/week and my anuual earnings is $xx,xxx

I got my option-C for the last tax assesment and showing I am self employed (But see iam not registerd any business- i contract with my company - and filed my tax my own name)

In this case :(in the sponser evaluation form)

Can I tick YES to Question "Are you employed" and can fill the my current employer details(address and contact details) ???

Iam attaching following as supporting document

1. Option C
2. Notice of Assessment
3. Employment Letter from employer

Anything else i need to attach with the application. I dont have pay stub the are giving me as Cheque

Please HELP


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