CSIC accquired 1.8 million dollars for CMI use

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Subject: CSIC accquired 1.8 million dollars for CMI use
  CSIC admission to receive 240 complaints per year against its incompetent members.
The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC admits on its website at this link http://www.csic-scci.ca/images/Image/CSIC%20RFI%20English.doc receiving twenty (20) complaints per month. Which a complaint per day against one of its members . The society has only less than 1300 members. That is fair to say that there are 240 members are indeed incompetent and have complaint against them each year.

20 complaints per months clearly contradicts the statement of John Ryan to the House of Commons in 2007 that they received 800 complaints between the period of creation to of 2004 to 2006. That proves to the public that CSIC Members are not competent enough or educated to the level to handle Immigration Practice.

When we compare the LSUC 300 complaints per year against lawyers from membership that has 35000 lawyers, then CSIC 240 complaints against a membership has only1300 members, then there is a grave government and public concern .

Is it an illegitimate business operation between CSIC , CMI and stakeholders using RFI system?

CSIC imposed on members to acquire $200.000.00 dollars RFI System, for use by private corporation CMI and CSIC stakeholders. It appears that CSIC members are not well convinced that the profitable private corporation CMI has the same board members claiming to be a division of CSIC. The fact is CMI is registered as a profitable private Ontario corporation, supported financially by CSIC membership revenue and owned by shareholders who happened to be the same CSIC board members.

Having a connection and remote access between CMI and CSIC stakeholders to the same System will create conflict of interest and breached members privacy in the future. When CSIC board members are no longer executives on the board of CSIC, but they are permanent members of CMI board, then clearly shows that CSIC and CMI board members are in great conflict gaining from one another corporation in illegitimate business operation . Who pays for CMI lease office and operating expenses and where the revenue is generating from?

Is it true about a public rumor , that CSIC purchased a building for CMI board to use for future use at 1.8 Million Dollars? Any comment is appreciated

CSIC Members have no privacy!

The CSIC members will have no privacy when CSIC and CMI allows a remote access to CSIC stakeholders. Which means CSIC members personal information can be viewed daily by CAPIC executives, RCMP, CIC, and others institutions and authorities without members permissions. Would CSIC members approve of such breach to their privacy?

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