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Subject: time line?
  Hello there,
My husband and i are in the last stages of the process (or so we think)he had his interview in march, and we recieved a letter stating i need to get a rental agreement and proof of funds. I am currently in the process of finishing everything they asked of me. How long after i have sent all this proof in shall my husband recieve his visa....? or is their still more!????

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How much more time it will take varies from case to case. However, if things go smoothly, you should be recieving your medicals about a month or so after submitting everything asked for. Generally 90 days are given to complete medicals. After that background checks start - time taken really depending on how many different places/countries you have stayed after turning 18. Once background checks are complete, visa stamping is the final step. If the CHC post you have applied at is fast, all this could be finished in a matter of 3-4 months. But I repeat that time period varies and depends on case to case basis.
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