no basement suites allowed?

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Subject: no basement suites allowed?
  hi i also have another question, in the interview of my husband, the man said not to get a basement suite. Is it because its not stable! and if you get a basement suite with a lease of one year? is that okay! I see no problem in it, but can they really say no based on you living in an apartment of basement suite?
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I think your CIC did not clarify his recommendation.

You need a rental agreement or lease - correct? There is nothing categorically wrong with a basement suite. Goodness, Vancouver residents could not survive without a significant stock of such accomodations.

Where the problem may come and where you should ask questions first before you rent - is the landlord prepared to give you a formal rental agreement. If the suite is illegal by city zoning standards or the landlord is forgetting/neglecting to declare the revenue on their income tax forms... they will be reluctant to formally admit the suite actually exists.

At which point, you have a problem. No agreement - no proof of joint residency.

Does that make sense?

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