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Subject: Repost - Passport Stamping

I am working in US on H1B. Recently completed medical and sent some other documents that CIC requested. I am in the midst of applying H4 for my wife. I know before she gets that I will, hopefully if all goes well, be requested to send passport to CIC for stamping. My intention is to become landed immigrant first and then bring my wife in September-October.

I talked with an immigration office in Seattle processing center and he told me its totally fine that I want to land first before my wife but when they request passports for stamping, both of our passports need to be sent together. I can get the passport sent by courier to me but I think that is not legal and might create some legal implications later on, not sure though.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? And what is the time frame they give you to send the passports for stamping?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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