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Subject: Refugee Cases
  I´ll be thankful, if someone can tell me that i filed my refugee claim in 2001, but before the IRB hearing, my lawyer advised me to withdraw the refugee case and apply as skilled worker. He told me that i do not have enough supporting papers for my refugee claim. so i did withdraw the refugee claim and applied as skilled worker in Buffalo. I had interview in buffalo and my application was rejected in 2004. I then came back to Canada and applied for PR under H & C in 2005. I got the US visa for this interview.
Now i am worried that if me and my family could not get PR under H & C, Immigration will send us back to Iran.
My question is, can we still reopen our past refugee claim. Because we don´t want to go back to Iran. I am Christian and my wife is a Shia Muslim and our marriage was love marriage and against the will of our families.

I already mentioned in my H & C application that i was advised by my lawyer to withdraw the claim, because i did not have enough papers. Me and my wife, we both are working. my 3 boys were born here and they are in school.

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