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Subject: importing my car..
  I became a perm. resident in January of this year from the united states to canada.. I originally drove my car to Canada in march of 06 on a VISITORS pass and have had it here with me ever since.. my problem now is that I got my alberta drivers license and insured it in canada and then got an out province inspection as per the request of the DMV then although that is what they told me to do they told me I had done it backwards and should of gotten another inspection done that they never told me about (go figure ..) so I tried to get this "Federal Inspection done" then was told that I have to import my car first... ooook
so who told me about all this? nobody..
anyhow now canadian border agency is telling I have illegally brought my car into canada and I should of imported it when I arrived in canada.. but I was in canada when my immigration was completed so i´m horribly confused

basically my question is.. has anyone else had a similar problem?.. am I likely to face criminal charges for this? has anyone else imported a car into canada after immigrating from within canada with a car that they drove into canada from the US??

thanks in advance for any help

if this isn´t the correct forum to be posting in maybe someone can direct me to a different one

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I went through all this but in the order they want. You´re doing it sort of backwards. But it shouldn´t really be a problem and can be corrected. But get ready and take a deep breath.

They way it works with bringing a U.S. registered car to Canada permanently is as follows:

The first thing you have to do is take your car (which is there only on visit basis) back to the U.S. and start the process from step 1.

1) Verify that your car make and model can be imported into Canada. Some models are prohibited. Check this website:

2) Obtain a recall clearance letter from your car´s manufacturer. (You need to contact your U.S. dealer or company customer service).

3) Formally export the car from the U.S. To do this you have to send a copy of your car title at least 7 days in advance to the U.S. Customs Office at the border crossing where you intend to take the car permanently into Canada. When you arrive at the U.S. Customs office, you´ll provide the recall clearance letter and fill out export paperwork. No charge to export.

4) Formally import the car in Canada. After you finish with U.S. Customs export formalities on the U.S. side, you´ll drive over to the Canadian side to Canada Customs, where you´ll then formally import the car. Pay $195CDN for import fees at that time. You´ll also have to pay GST and any provincial taxes on the value of the car (if the car was not listed on your Goods List at landing). Also you need to have with you title documents, registration, sales receipts, statement of compliance label and manufacturer´s recall clearance letter.

5) Wait (1-2 weeks) for your car importation paperwork to be mailed to your Canadian address. Take the importation paperwork and car to any Canadian Tire store to have the car inspected and modified to Canada standards, as necessary.

6) Canadian Tire will give give you documentation noting that the car passed inspection. Take the car and document to the local Canada department of motor vehicle licence plates office to apply for plates.

7) Complete any provincial emission testing.

8) Exchange your U.S. drivers licence for Canadian drivers licence at DMV drivers division.

9) Get Canadian car insurance.

Also use this as the official guide:

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Wow! Thanks for this info. This is very helpful. Also appeared to say that I wont be able to import my 2003 Ford Windstar. Oh well....
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