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  Hi everyone! Just want to know how is it like working in Canada. I´m a Filipino and been working in a Tourism company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for nearly 4 years as an executive. I want to move to Canada in a year time. I have relatives in Calgary. Now I want to know what are the chances of getting job there. Would there be opportunities for me in the same field where I am now? I´ve been hearing stories from other Filipinos that all immigrants would be starting from scratches. Is it true? Does it mean my work experience abroad is useless? How´s the cost of living in Calgary? Is it expensive? Let me know please. Thanks a lot!
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just want to ask if there is a chance for a tourist to start a job and get a working permit while in canada?
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no. it is illegal for a tourist to be working. you can hunt for that job, get your paper work in order but not actually work until the permit has beena activated.
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Hi MaeCee,

You could work in a travel agency either as a customer service assisstant or an administrative assisstant. To get a job in Canada, you need NETWORKING,then you could find a job easily.

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I also plan to migrate to Canada within the year. Our PR application has been approved and we are just waiting for the Consulate to mail us back our passports. Just like with you, I´ve been working in a management capacity and would really be interested in the response to your query, i.e., does our experience outside Canada count.
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You won´t get a work permit within Canada, you have to apply from abroad and your employeer has to do her/his fare share of work in order to obtain a labour market opinion so you can apply for a work permit.
Working as a turist is illegal as Sharon said.

Cost of living in Calgary?
The cost of an average house is around $575,000 and up WAY UP.

Rent isn´t any cheaper either.

In the province of Alberta we don´t pay Provincial Sales Taxes which it helps, but Calagary is an expensive city to live in, very pretty and clean and has the weirdest weather that I have ever seen in my life, bare in mind that I live in Northern Alberta.



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