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Subject: On-line Status
I havent seen my on-line status changed even though I have done my medical and I am sending them some docs that they requested soon. My on-line status still says "We started processing your application on October 1, 2007."

Any idea why status not changed yet?

Thanks for everyone´s time.

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You should be patient. My on-line status was updated after I landed Canada... :)

Good luck

ONline status (in reply to: On-line Status)
there i had an email from buffalo office that my application was recived and i also have done my medical exam. But still if i goto to check the status of my application on-line it says that either your application is not recived or not in processing yet

Any idea why is this

about PR card (in reply to: On-line Status)
I landed at toronto air port on permanant residence from punjab,india, with my husband sidhu raghbir singh,my daughter sidhu balpreet kaur and my son sidhu sukhpreet singh on oct 18,2011.when we receive our PR cards? my postal address is,2575 king edward st.postal code r2r2w8 winnipeg, manitoba,canada.Thanks.
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