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Subject: David Cohen's proposal...
  Hi to all!

I am planning to migrate in Canada as a skilled worker. But as of now, I am still on the process of collecting important information as to the possibilities or chances for me to get a visa.

I have considered that there are 600,000 skilled worker applicants in the waiting list. Thank God there is that proposal of Atty. David Cohen about the changes of the waiting list or cutting off the back log. If my skills belonged to the high demand in Canada, then I would consider that my application be subject to his (Cohen) proposal but if not, then my application would surely adds the back log.

But the question is, how would I know that my skills belong to the top priority (high demand) in Canada? Is it through the NOC or there is another list of top priority skills?

Thank you in advance.


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the new rules are not law as yet and we do not have any further information about what NOC codes will be favoured nor how they will deal with it.

your wait is also going to depend on where you are required to apply.

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Hi Sharon,

Thank you for your reply.

As I get it, it seems that Cohen´s proposal is yet on case-to-case basis. But anyway, I hope you won´t mind to ask you another thing.

English proficiency is one big factor. As I´ve heard here in our country, IELTS is issued with 2 years expiration. When it expires, I need to take another one. If i´ll get IELTS now and apply, there is a possibility that it will expire at the time the Immigration Officer will review my application. How should I deal with it?


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Just a point of clarification. The proposal is not by David Cohen. Its a proposal put forward by the current government. David Cohen is just an immigration attorney, he hasn´t proposed changes to the law. If he says so (which I doubt), I suggest you dont hire him to represent you as that would be incorrect.


Ray Masa
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ah, I see. Thank for that info Ray. I just viewed him defending this proposal.


And I thought it was his proposal. I´m sorry if I missed something from it.

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hi...the max capacity for 1000 applications for permanent residence visa under the fsw category for nurses from june 2010 to june 2011 has already been filled up..what does this mean? Does it mean I can´t just yet submit my app for now or has to wait until july 2011 for the slot to reopen? If i forward my papers w/in this time, can i expect my papers to be returned by the CIO?..With the present backlog, can I expect processing and approval in 9-12 months? thanks!!
Diosdado Hui Cabanlit
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If you submit your documents now, they will be returned to you. you have to wait until the new year starts and there is a confirmation of which NOC codes are eligible.
David Cohen? (in reply to: David Cohen's proposal...)
Has anyone got experience with David Cohen? Positive, negaitve? Any other (good) attorney?

Experience with David Cohen (in reply to: David Cohen's proposal...)
Hi Vanesa. Yes, I have worked with David Cohen for the past year +, and my experience has been very, very poor. I do not know of another attorney to suggest, but I have been frustrated beyond belief by their service. Initially, I was enticed in by the helpful website and advertising, and now I am very sorry that I made the decision to work with him.
In process (in reply to: David Cohen's proposal...)

My husband applied for canada pr under fsw in nov. 2009 ist AOR received in march 2010 and then new delhi embassy sent one AOR in May 2010. then in Feb 2011 my ecas show in process (We reviewed your case and start processing on feb 2011) what does it means and how much time embassy will take to send medicals. Please tell me as i am pre june 26 reply me.



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