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Subject: renew study permit in canada
  I have a qs..
As i m an international student and i ll be going to further my study in univeristy. I just did the renewal but I haven´t received the visa yet, It may take 43 days or longer processing my visa. The problem is I m going back to my county for summer vacation. My visa expires on Aug 30 2008..However I´ll be back on 11 AUG...
I wonder if I can re-enter canada while my visa is still in process?
Please ...I hope someone can help me coz i couldn´t find email contact from the site..

Renew study permit inside Canada (in reply to: renew study permit in canada)
I´m an internaional high school student accepted by the Univeristy of Toronto. My study permit expires on Aug 30, 2010. I´m going back to my country at the end of June. Can I renew my study permit inside Canada now or I have to do the renewal in my country, please?
Nakita Tse
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