Conservatives - CIC is to respond!

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Subject: Conservatives - CIC is to respond!
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Many people in the Industry have been waiting a long.......time to see something like this! Now I want to see what the governments response will be.


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I think Govt. should take some serious action against the immigration lawyers because they are the real crook. I dealt with a bastard few days ago, a very big name in Toronto and the biggest crook he and his firm is. Trust me guys, never ever consult lawyers and try spending some time reading instrauctions given on CIC, or call Call Centre and get the guidance because lawyers or consultants do nothing but filling up the forms for you. And to be honest with , you will the one filling those forms actually and they would simply look for errors and fix them, if any otherwise you are good to go and they charge thousands of dollars just to look at your application forms.
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