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Subject: inland spousal sponsorship
  Hi Sharon, I need your advice. I am a landed immigrant (became PR more than 4 years ago), my girlfriend is Hungarian, she came to Canada last November on a tourist visa. (Hungarians don´t need visa anymore). The plan was to apply for a work permit for her, get married and start the sponsorship immigration later this year. Her stay would have expired this May, but since she applied for an extension as well as for a work permit, she was told that she can stay. We haven´t heard back from them about the extension, however Service Canada turned down her LMO application saying that the relationship between her and the employer wouldn´t be a "real employer-employee" relationship..(it´s a staffing company for banquet servers).
In the meantime she got a letter from the Canadian Consulate in Seattle telling her to show up with the LMO within 60 days (by the end of July). This is probably pointless under these circumstances.
Anyway we are planning to get married by the end of this month and start the sponsorship immigration for her since there´s no other choice left.

Do you think this could work?
Could the work permit attempt be a problem during the new application?
Can she stay in Canada during the time of the process?
Can she work legally while we´re waiting for the decision?
Would you recommend us to find a lawyer?
What other suggestions do you or anybody else have?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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