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Subject: So Confused
I am Irish getting married to a Canadian girl in a couple months but we are so confused and frustrated at the CIC right now!!

First of from what I can see there are two ways to go that are the same apart from the fact that one sends forms to Mississauga which takes 45ish days to do the in Canada portion whereas the other one sends the forms to Vegreville which takes 4-5 months

Can anyone explain the difference to me??(Apart from the obvious!!

Also I plan to come to Canada on a visitor visa for the wedding which I can get for 6 months.
I was wondering can I just stay here waiting for the word to come through as it appears to say in some parts of the CIC bullshite or would I have to go back to Ireland??

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Declan Scully
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Dear Declan

This is the best way to please all including your bride. Arrive at the port of entry with a valid reason to return to Ireland. Have lets say a return ticket for a month later that can be extended and now some unusual places up north that you intend to visit. Do not blurt out your coming to get married because they may think that you will not be going back.

Try not to look to excited upon arrival.

You should be just stamped in and that gives you six months of legal visitor status.

Get married and......have a wonderful day.

Then after the Honeymoon send away for your marriage certificate to Thunderbay. You can submit your spousal application with your license and when you get a file # from London submit the marriage certificate to your file then.

Bring with you your proof of no convictions and do your medical before you arrive.

On the IMM 008 Schedule 1 be sure to list your current residential address as the one in Ireland. Remember your only a visitor to Canada.


Phone Bills, e-mails relationship type photos that include friends in the photos. Letters from her friends that attest to the fact that she drives them nuts by saying Delcan is this, Delcan is that, Delcan is........ Delcan did that. Make sure they write something that they think is personal and say how long they have known your bride and what their status is in Canada. I´m a Canadian and I live at __________. I have known _____ for (X) amount of years and I have never seen her happier. The Bride _______

Submit your forms to Mississauga CPC wait the 45 days which will go by real fast during your honeymoon period. Then in three or four months you will be approved. Which should be under the six months your allowed to visit.

Do not bring household items or pets they can come later.

Wishing you all the best Delcan.

Happy future fathers day.


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Ok but thats where it gets messed up would it not be quicker to do it through the permanent residence forms going to vegreville which seem to be only 4-5months with no follow up wait from london
Declan Scully
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come for a VISIT, get married, file OUTLAND application. Make sure you have a permanent address in Ireland for your documents. Be prepared to go home for an interview if needed.

this will have the shortest processing time.

but as Roy suggests, don´t look too permanent when you arrive the first time. Get all your police clearances done before arriving (as Roy has suggested)

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There´s the thing I am already in Canada and have been for a year and am going back to Ireland for a few weeks as I have to be gone when the visa runs out.

I will have the police certs done by the time I am coming back but cannot get an appointment for an immigration medical when I am in Ireland so have booked one in canada for when i get back here.

Declan Scully
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4-5 months through CPC-V, is only for first stage approval. once your file gets transfered to a local office, it could be 4-6 weeks more, or it could be a year or more depending on whether your case is simple, or whether you require an interview, and which office it is being transfered too.
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