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Subject: validity of ielts
  hi to every body,

I have applied for PR in oct 2007 under simplified application .but still I have not passed ielts test. pl tell me when should I pass this test which will remain valid till the disposal of my application.

(2) i have done MA English from Punjab (India) will I also need to pass this test.
Raja singh

Raja Singh
(in reply to: validity of ielts)
1) you can take IELTS now or before they ask your updated info( that you can´t predict)and test will be valid until they close your file.

2) Even English speaker ( native) needs some kind of the certificate;so you better get a IELTS if you don´t wanna take a risk.Good luck

IELTS results validity (in reply to: validity of ielts)
Yes, you surely need to appear for IELTS and submit the original IELTS result card when asked for. It should be cleared within one year of your file submission.. not sooner than that.
Sonia Sharma
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