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Subject: For Sharon pls
I am the one whom you replied here regarding getting married while waiting for PR.

I feel so uncertain about going back to my home country, (asia).

For reasons that i might be called for interview while i am away. and the phrase that says:

Leaving Canada
If you go on a vacation outside of Canada, you are not automatically deemed ineligible for permanent
residence under the live-in caregiver program. However, it is important to note that if you leave Canada
while your application is being processed, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to re-enter. Each
time you re- enter Canada you will need to be re-assessed and meet all eligibility criteria for entering the

I will be gone for a month.

Pls advise.

thank you so much

Bhu Lala K
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sorry, I do not know enough detail about these rules to offer advice I can be confident about.
Thank you (in reply to: For Sharon pls)

Thank you anyway.

I am still skeptical going home and getting married.

Whew! what a stress

Bhu Lala K
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I recently went for vacation with my family to my home country and returned back while my application was in process.

We had valid multle entry work/visitor visas and the officer at the port of entry checked our Work Visa and my valid Work Permit and daughter´s visitor record. There was no hussle re-entering Canada. He did not asked me any about my PR.

So take your own decision.

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If you are legal apply for a TRV through Vegerville and fly home get married and return.

You should either be approved or denied within a month or so.

Sorry but I did read your original post you refer to.


Thanks Roy for dipping in (in reply to: For Sharon pls)

Thanks guys!

I think YPs case is a bit different. Yes, they may have not asked you about your PR, for reasons maybe that your daughter or other family members are now in your application also, and you are on a multiple entry.

We (LICG´s), usually get single entry.

Thanks Roy...i understand what u meant about "might be approved, or DENIED"

thanks thanks thanks...

Bhu Lala K
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