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Subject: LAWYERS???
Greetings to everyone!!!

I read so much infos, experiences and advices and opinions.

I noticed that, "misrepresentation" ie:"status change" case was often advised as

"See a lawyer".

Question: What do Lawyers really do straightening crooked stuffs?

Question 2: Are all the informations, advices given by CIC consistent? (i found one a conflict compared to blogs here posted).

Question 3: Are CICs´ just call center agents or someone who does legal stuffs?

Thanks in advance guys. This forum is really good.

Mui Pen
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Mui Pen

Unusual Question this morning!

Crooked Stuff hmmm

I prefer the term Authorized Representative.

Well lets focus on a little crooked stuff.

Some one recommends that you make a refugee claim from a non refugee producing country after being in Canada for five years. Two years as a student and one year after as a WP.

You get sent to a PRRA Pre Removal Risk Assessment and told to get on a plane for ______ and instead of going home you go into hiding. You NO SHOW and CBSA issues a Canada wide arrest warrant.

One day later you meet your sole mate and get married and all of your friends know your marriage is real.

You go and see an authorized representative and he/she does the following.

Authorized Representative explains to you that even though you are married and in a real marriage any spousal sponsorship application will have to be made outside the country. Authorized Representative shows the section in the ENF manuals that convinces you what He/She is saying is true. Authorized Representative lets you speak to some PR´s who have been through the same process who have gone home and been given permission to return (ARC).

Your partner agrees to arrange for you to go home and is willing to sponsor you from outside of Canada.

You retain your representative and they begin the spousal sponsorship process. Your sponsor submits your application to Mississauga CPC. Your Authorized Representative tells you to wait about 35 days and then contacts CBSA to arrange to have you arrested and the arrest warrant executed.

Your partner is approved as a sponsor and CIC sends your spousal application to your country of residence for processing.

Your Authorized Representative takes you in with a plane ticket to CBSA office to go home in two or three months. They arrest you and transfer your file to the airport. Your not detained you go home with your partner. You go to the airport and get on the plane and go home be sure to not loose your confirmation of departure form the CBSA officer will give you.

The Authorized Representative works with you to assist you in writing a quality ARC letter (authorization to return) in which you say sorry and how you want to be with your partner because a, b, c, d, e, etc.

Now probably the (idiot) who suggested the spurious refugee claim is well known by your Visa Post so tell the truth. Except blame though because you took the advice.

Regarding question 2 advice Read the operational manuals as they relate to your specific problem and then compare the information with the IRPA & IRPR.

Call centre people are only that and any time they do not know the answer they have to go to a resource person who is a real Immigration Officer. Understand if you hold any little thing back in your question you may not be given the correct answer. You never get to speak to the real officer or resource person so the information provided is like that telephone game we played as kids to teach us not to gossip.


Misrepresentation normally gets you an exclusion order of only one year but could be a two year exclusion order based on the misrepresentation.

Then it is not impossible to overcome with a ARC based on your personal circumstances.

TY TY TY for your question I enjoyed responding.

Last and not least before you hire anyone get references and see if they will let you speak to former clients of theirs who have been through the same process.


Thanks (in reply to: LAWYERS???)

Well said. I know that this is just one paper rerouting way to hit everybody´s desire to stay here. but as i believe, Lawyers are made to straighten crooked stuffs, as Nurses to clean the dirtiest. I know and i believe, there are so many ways to turn things upside down, or inside out...It just requires BRAIN, or money?...depends.

I posted these questions because i have foolish acquaintances who is not convinced of my simple math formula that 1+1= 2,and they are planning to misrepresent or lie,in case of catch.(i think they´d love hiring lawyers)..though i can prove that 1+1= 1. (thats another story.

Anyways, THANKS ROY for your time here. appreciate it.

Mui Pen

Mui Pen
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Mui Pen

The problem is that 48% of all refugee claimants win so why do a spousal sponsorship --- now?

Put something off until tomorrow that can be done today.

What if..............

I have had clients told to make Ref, claims from _______ three years after entering Canada then wait too long and get called to a PRRA before the spousal sponsorship is submitted. That means the partner has to go home and apply for a ARC Authorization to Return to Canada.

Too many don´t worry and think they should be happy and say hey I´m married so what I got ordered removed (I´M MARRIED) and the Visa Post officer says ------ WHO CARES!

Telling a lie causes the person to remember something exactly how it was told two or three years ago.

Always tell the truth.


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