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My kids are having Thalaasemia-Intermedia (milder kind of Thalassemia). Have you heared about the successful PR application with such disease ? Will I be able to clear the medical requirments ? Any successful applicant who received PR with disclouser of the disease are requested to share the experience and oblige.MOST URGENT --- NOTE : AT PRESENT I RECEIVED A REQUEST FROM CIC ASKING EXPERT´S OPINION AND PROGNOSOS ETC.

Thalassemia Intermedia... (in reply to: MEDICAL INADMISSIBILITY - THALLASEMIA ???)
I found this information about the condition... I am not able to tell you a lot... but hopefully someone else can give you advice... I think it will depend on how many blood transfusion the kids will be needing in the future and how often... and of course... how much this is going to cost Canada...

RAJ I really wish you the best...

Thalassemia Intermedia. In this condition the lack of beta protein in the hemoglobin is great enough to cause a moderately severe anemia and significant health problems, including bone deformities and enlargement of the spleen. However, there is a wide range in the clinical severity of this condition, and the borderline between thalassemia intermedia and the most severe form, thalassemia major, can be confusing. The deciding factor seems to be the amount of blood transfusions required by the patient. The more dependent the patient is on blood transfusions, the more likely he or she is to be classified as thalassemia major. Generally speaking, patients with thalassemia intermedia need blood transfusions to improve their quality of life, but not in order to survive.

Dear Lily,
My kids are NOT on blood trnsfusion. My kids were transfused once only. Generally they maintain Hb of 7.5 to 8 gm/dl.At present they take only folic acid tabs on daily basis.No more regular expenses. They are well to do,self-reliance and studyng well. My daughter is having mild spleenomegaly.My son has already been operated -spenctomy -recently. He is healthy enough.

I am glad to hear that your kids are growing well... now I guess you need to do what CIC asked you to do... get the backing of a good hematologist explaining your children´s prognosis and hopefully everything will turn out the way you want...

Good Luck with everything!

RAJ, I guess I should mention that my son also had a medical condition that could sound scary to other people... he was born with pulmonary stenosis... a condition in which the pulmonary valve in the heart is too narrow and does not allow the blood to flow normally... he had surgery when he was 5 months old and since then he has gone to the cardiologist for regular check ups... he is now 8 and his check ups are done every 3 years now...

We had to mention his medical history when we went for medicals... they doctor told us to just get a recent cardiologist report with his current prognosis to make sure CIC had enough information to read about his condition... we did that... The doctor who checked him for the medical examinations said that she wouldn´t have noticed any problems had we not mentioned it... he is a healthy boy thanks God...

I tell you the story so you know that I can relate to your situation, I was very stressed out when we received our medical requests because I didnt know how my son´s condition will affect our application, many people helped me calm down :O) including Roy and Sharon (they may not remember)... Our case is still being processed but we sent the medical results back in December and have not heard anything from CIC since then... we were missing a police report and had just sent it last Monday... CIC was waiting for that to complete our file... we might get a definite answer soon..

I think if your kids condition is under control and they are healthy and the doctors can determine this as a fact and give you a report stating their prognosis... then you should be okay...

Take care and let us know what happens... best of luck!

RAJ: Try not to worry too much. As Lily said, follow CIC´s advice and go from there.

There are relatively few medical conditions that are cause for refusal. Even HIV is not considered automatic refusal, if you can prove things are under control. I myself had a very rare form of cancer some years back and was certain that would make me medically inadmissible; it did not. I provided the examiner with a letter from my surgeon and current doctor explaining the condition, removal, and my current state of health.

Canada is not in the business of keeping good applicants out. Remember this as you go through the rest of the application process. If your kids´ conditions aren´t causing a financial strain on you and it is treatable/manageable, then more than likely everything will be okay. Take a deep breath, and take the process one step at a time.

Let us know how everything turns out.

Thallasemia minor is not a cause for concern. Thallasemia is common ammong the Mediteranian and Asian communities and the Cnadaian health system comes accross these patients quiet often and the government spends lots of funds on treating these patient and also on research.

Raj, I have Thallasemia ( but silent one). I did not know until 2003 I went through the blood test. DMP did tell me anything. I have done my Med. November 2007 and CIC said BG check is outstanding. Now, I guess my med is OK otherwise, CIC would not bother to do BG check. So, I think it should not be problem. Think if person more serious disease can pass thrrough then your son should be. I don´t know whether my situation help you much but wish you very best of luck.
Dear Lily,
this is for you...from the Canada federal court´s decisions on appeal/s

For the purpose of determining whether any person is or is likely to be a danger to public health or to public safety or whether the admission of any person would cause or might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demands on health or social services, the following factors shall be considered by a medical officer in relation to the nature, severity or probable duration of any disease, disorder, disability or other health impairment from which the person is suffering, namely,

a> any reports made by a medical practitioner with respect to the person;
b> the degree to which the disease, disorder, disability or other impairment may be communicated to other persons
c> whether medical surveillance is required for reasons of public health;
d> whether sudden incapacity or unpredictable or unusual behaviour may create a danger to public safety;
e> whether the supply of health or social services that the person may require in Canada is limited to such an extent that :
1. the use of such services by the person might reasonably be expected to prevent or delay provision of those services to Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or
2. the use of such services may not be available or accessible to the person;
f> whether medical care or hospitalization is required;
g> whether potential employability or productivity is affected; and
h> whether prompt and effective medical treatment can be provided.

Still more from judgements....

However, it is not sufficient to only consider the question of cost. The concept of "excessive demands" in the Act is related to the question of supply and demand of health services in Canada.

One possible fallacy in connection with service costs requires mention. We have tended to assume that highly complex investigation or treatment is necessarily costly, when it is not always so.

The facility as a whole may be expensive in terms of reaching the stage of ?readiness to serve?. Once it is established, however, the additional cost of treating a few extra patients may be negligible. An example is the haematology unit in which both professional and technical personnel are paid by salary, and the cost of material used for treating, say, sickle cell anemia, may be quite small. On the other hand, open-heart surgery may use expensive expendable materials, and some of the large surgical team may be paid on a fee-for-service basis.

medical inadmissibility (in reply to: MEDICAL INADMISSIBILITY - THALLASEMIA ???)
my daughter has autism. He is high functioning. we learned it´s a problem. so we cut the funding and started to pay everything private. it´s been 1 year since we have done the medicals. we hired a lawyer and they know that too. what do you think? he has no medical problems exc. he just needs his aid in his classroom. we didn´t like ABA therapy so we cut it. but we support his aid privately. why still no answer? what do you think?