Desparate for advice, pls help, Sharon/Roy, anyne

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Subject: Desparate for advice, pls help, Sharon/Roy, anyne
I need genuine advice please.
This is my situation?.I am an Indian post-graduate doctor recently married to a Quebecer. Ours was an e-courtship as he lives in Quebec City and I in India. Last December when we were deciding on marriage, I had applied for a Canadian tourist visa?.but this was rejected as I was unmarried, wishing to visit a Canadien and since I was working in a charitable hospital for poor people my annual income was pitiful. But my family being quite well-off financially, I thought that showing their bank statements and affidavits regarding they undertaking my visit expenses, would suffice?I was wrong.

Anyway, my man came to see me this January and we confirmed our love and got married this March in India. Again I applied for a tourist visa, this time with a church and civil marriage certificate to strengthen my application, as I knew that the spouse sponsorship visa (SS-V) takes longer. However this too was rejected on the grounds that they ?could not find a reason for me to return to India once my visa expires? ( This was so stange and difficult to accept?.why would I want to return to India when my husband is in Canada?????? ). So we have now submitted our papers for the spouse sponsorship visa.

Now, he is back in Canada and I?m in India pining for him. For me to continue my profession/medical studies in Canada, I had written to many Universities and Hospitals and since I?ve got a good CV, I?ve got responses inviting me as a ? visiting doctor? until my PR status comes through. But we are worried whether applying for the 3rd time for a visiting visa is a good idea. Will this affect my application of the SS-V? We really are in a quandry?.Just killing time waiting for the SS-V is maddening. First of all I?m away from the love of my life and secondly I am unable to apply for jobs/courses and am missing out on opportunities to be able to work as a professional in Canada. Please help me, I need guidance. Thank you.

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you can apply 100 times and be rejected 100 times and it will not affect your PR application.

Has your husband begun the sponsorship process - if not... why not? He should have done so the day after you married.

TV´s are issued when there is confidence on the part of CIC that you will go home after your visit. Why would you want to go home with your husband in Canada. Chances are very small that you will be getting a TV.

Tara, I am very concerned about the sponsorship application, why it is not started and why you are the one doing all the worrying. Did your family give this man money as part of a traditional marriage agreement? I don´t want to be unduly mistrusting here but the sponsorship should be well underway by now. In fact if he applied in January you would likely be finishing your application by now.

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Come on my dear.Now you both are married and ask him to sponsor you as soon as possible,because spousal sponsorships are cleared early. MOST PROBABLY YOU WOULD HAVE TO WAIT ONLY ONE TO ONE AND HALF YEARS.

Do not be in a hurry as you are a doctor look at for info on registration and also recomend this web site among your friends.

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We have submitted the spouse sponsorship application to Missisauga on the 3rd of June.There were so many documents that we had to collect before that including all the proofs of his visit and the places that we visited together. Dear Sharon, my family is not that type to give any marriage dowry. I understand your concern as it is the case more often than not. But ours is a genuine relationship, strenghthened by our deep catholic faith. We weren´t married in January. We got married in March.Our papers were ready by end May and we submitted it in June.

Dear Pergy, yousay "MOST PROBABLY YOU WOULD HAVE TO WAIT ONLY ONE TO ONE AND HALF YEARS" is it really that long? I was estimating about 4-5 months. How can I not be in a hurry...we love each other and long to be together.

Should I go ahead and reapply for the "doctor´s visiting visa" with an invitation letter from the concerned hospital? Will this affect the process that is already underway for the spousa-sponshorship visa? Please reply. Thank you.

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no, I don´t think it is as much as 18 months. That would be the case if it was an inland application. out of Canada applications should go much quicker. However, it might be more like 6-8.

Not sure the visiting visa will be approved but the worst that can happen is they will say no. You are a high risk not to return home. I know the whole thing sounds stupid.

Tara, I am sure everything will be OK.

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Thank you Sharon for being so kind and understanding.

With already 2 rejects stamped on my passport, I´m a lot apprehensive to apply the third time. But if it has not repercussions on the the spouse-sponsorship visa process, I guess I´ll give it a try. I just wanted to be sure of this though before applying.

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