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Subject: NOC code.
  As per list of NOC , title of code NO.4141 is Secondary/high School Teacher.I want a clarification whehter it is necessary to have experience of just teaching in a secondary /high school irrespective of class ie may be 5th to 8th class OR one has to possess experience of teaching secondar/high classes ie 9th to 12th class.
Clarification of Job (in reply to: NOC code.)
What are the code number for following positions

Activity coordinator
Visiting Lecturer

Qualification - job code - clarification (in reply to: NOC code.)
I have a Master Degree in Hospital Administration (MHA)and have 10 years of experience in Hospital management. Also I hava a Bachelore degree in Homoeoppathy(BHMS). I want a clarification whehter I am eligable for job code 0311 Managers in Health care. Please note that all said qualifications are from Indian University.

Justine C A

Justine C A
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Submission Code (SX28408) Copy The Code From The Left found in the brackets
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