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Subject: Driving license
  hi....i am moving to Calgary next month and just want to ask whether international driving license will help me to get Canadian Driver license or anyother means ? im from Pakistan

Also i have a U.S license but its expired and i moved to pakistan. any suggestions plz ....i´l appreciate that...Thanx

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With international drivers licence you could drive for 06 months in Canada. In the mean time you could attend the normal G1,G2 and G process. Look at www.immigratedoctorcanada.com for all info and important web sites.
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In calgary you will get GDL class 7 (Learner first) through knowledge test. At that moment can submit your pakistan Lic. & copy of US lic. (expired) for counting the experience.

Then service Alberta guys will decide whetjher to give you exemption for GDL & you could then give advance road test for Class 5 lic.

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if u r in pakistan, bring "driving learning certificate" from any driving school and then notarize it from anyone sitting outside of court houses. so your auto insurance will be less.
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