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Subject: Pls. explain ( To Roy / Sharon)
  Hello, I´m just confuse what the stated under hiring skilled workers and supporting their permanent immigration. It says there that an AEO is a permanent job offer and genuine etc.

Then it also says NOTE: Please be aware that the process only supports the person´s application for permanent residence, BUT DOES NOT ALLOW THE PERSON TO WORK IN CANADA.

I don´t know if I made it all mixed up.Does this mean that an AEO will only support ones PR application but the applicant can´t work in Canada even she/he has an approved AEO by HRDC? Or an AEO really has a job offer and the applicant can work in Canada once she/he got his/her visa or PR status.

Please expound on this. I´m really confuse.

Thanks in advance


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An Arranged Employment Offer (AEO) is to be a genuine offer of full time employment. One applies to HRSDC for the AEO.

Of course no one can work with an AEO!

Canadian Citizens and PR´s would have a SIN Social Insurance Number that allows them to work and the employer to deduct taxes from them based on their SIN#!

Foreign Nationals have to apply and receive a WP Work Permit from CIC at their Visa Post abroad.

Then when they arrive at a POE Port of Entry CBSA Canada Border Services Agency issues the WP Work Permit. After arriving and obtaining the actual WP then the Foreign National goes to HRSDC and applies for a SIN Card/number.



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Thanks Roy but I still have some questions

1. So for example I have an AEO already and have my PR status Visa, when I land in Canada I have to apply for the SIN? SIN only right because I have a PR status already.

2. Then as what you said when I arrive, the CBSA issues a WP for me since I already have an AEO right?

3. So when I have the SIN and WP, can I now work with the employer who gave me the AEO?

4. What if after getting the SIN and WP, then the employer who issued me AEO tells me he/she will not hire me anymore, is the employer not violating any canadian law?

5. Or the employer who issued AEO should really hire me?

Thanks again Roy. Hope you can elaborate more.


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