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Subject: customs

My partner has just gotten her permanent residence approval and will be flying here to vancouver next week does anyone know what will happen at airport will she fill out standard customs declaration form that you recieve in airplane before arriving in canada or will she be filling out more forms ?? Is it a long process in the airport ???

Do you know where I can find these forms on the net ?

Thanks aj

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if she is bringing belongings beyond a suitecase she should prepare a list of good or ´goods to follow´.

a printed list is all you need.

Once she arrives and clears general customs she will be redirected to CIC for formal landing. how long... I have heard 15 minutes... but depending on the line up etc. I would allow 45.

Customs can be slow, especially if she is arriving mid afternoon with all the international flights.

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Hi Sharon,

thanks for the info.. One other question when landing does she fill out that normal customs declaration that they handout in the airplane ? If so what does she write in the place of here address the canadian address where she will live or here old russian address ?


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ask the stewardess! I am sure they know
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