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Subject: When is a Lawyer NOT Authorized
  All Lawyers must be a member of a provincial Law Society to represent any applicant "before" a member or officer with CIC, CBSA or any division of the IRB.

Being a Member of a Provincial Law Society is not enough though.


(xiv) RIM 07-040 September 25, 2007 The purpose of the following message is to provide further instructions on how to proceed with applications where [name deleted] is listed as the authorized representative. ?The Visa Office should send a letter simply stating that the Visa Office will have no further contact with him. The Visa Office should also send a letter to the client advising them of the situation and giving them instructions on how to proceed with their application? ?You are listed in the Law Society of Upper Canada´s on-line Member Directory as "Not Practicing Law -
Employed". The Law Society describes this status as "a lawyer who is employed by an organization such as government, an educational institution, a company, a society, trade union, etc" and who does not provide legal services", such a lawyer is not required to be covered by a compulsory liability insurance plan. Given the above information, you are not considered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be an authorized representative for immigration purposes.?


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