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Subject: New Legislation (3)

Lexbase obtained a copy of the overseas inventory of applications for permanent residence, as of April 4, 2008. We compare the CIC inventory on April 4, 2008 of persons being processed in the Economic Class at each processing post, with the CIC 2008 Target at each processing post. The Economic Class includes skilled workers, business immigrants, and provincially selected immigrants.

The startling outcome: Canada?s immigration system is not broken at all.

The real issue is ?What to do about applicants from India??, and how to manage this issue politically when Indo-Canadian
voters are nationally influential.

145,556 people are in queue in New Delhi in the Economic Class, and the 2008 Target is allowing only 9,245 visas.

Other observations in the data There are three sore thumbs in the system: Damascus has 49,170 people in queue in the Economic Class, and the 2008 Target is 5,405. Islamabad has 42,988 people in queue in the Economic Class, and a 2008 Target of 3,600. London has 101,312 people in queue in the Economic Class, and the 2008 Target is 12,800.

Applicants processed in London are residents of the Gulf Region of the Middle East, the UK, and Scandinavia. Essentially, the challenge to Canada?s immigration system stems from these three posts, and New Delhi. Expect to see these areas to be hardest hit by the new law (C-50). Overall, the number one group adversely impacted by Bill C-50 will be the Indo-Canadian community.



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I saw that and thought similar. I wish there was a way to track the NOC codes of those in the queue from those 3 embassies. No doubt, it is a serious part of the mess.
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OMG... I am in that London queue! 101,312!!!! I hope to be in the 12,800 target AT LEAST!


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