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Subject: In-Canada Sponsorship
  How long does it take for CIC to process a spousal In-Canada sponsorhip from submission of application to actual issuance of PR Card.
Does my spouse need to leave Canada and come back in order to "land" just like applicants from overseas? BTW, he is here on a work permit.


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It depends if your case is straight forward or not. I´ve seen as fast as 6 or 7 months to 2 years.

Your spouse would be called to a local office for the landing interview and would not be required to leave Canada to land.

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R U concerned you did not prove the relationship well enough?

Vegreville CPC will do everything if you did your job. If you included his medical, proof of no convictions from Canada and home country, PPT, Birth Certificate, Option "C" etc..

Then the time to landing interview is based solely on how busy the local office is. Lets say you live in the GTA. If you live in Toronto and you did a super job with your application as mentioned above it could be another four months or more. If you live just outside of Toronto in an area serviced by the Oshawa office where there is only one officer only a couple of weeks.

Your both together, you both have health coverage, he has employment, your far further ahead then others so sit back and chill.


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Thanks Roy.

I believe I sent all documents you´ve mentioned including those for our US-born son who is also here living with us. Is option C printout the same as the original Notice of Assessment?
Do you have a time frame for applications from the Calgary Area.
Your comment is very much appreciated.

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