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Subject: Documents submission
  I am processing my applicaiton for Skilled worker class permenant residence from Buffolo office.
When we need to submit the

1. Police Certificate
2. Proof of funds
3. Birth Ceritificate to the

Canadian immigration officers. Is it mandatory to submit these certificates along with the application or they request at later point.

Kindly advice.


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Hi, Pavan... If you applied through the regular application process you must send all required documents with your original application... at a later date, CIC will also ask you to update your information and you may need to send all or some of the same documents once again...

For detailed information visit the CIC website... everything you need to know is in there... good luck!

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If you apply through Buffalo office then you HAVE to submit all documents along with your application. Simplified process is not applied for Buffalo.
Submission of IMM Generic,After submission of documents (in reply to: Documents submission)
We have filed the Skilled worker application for immegration on 2003 October,The New Delhi Ambassy has asked for the submission of Documents and Imm Generic form,,We have submitted. since one and half months over but we have not received any reply fom the New Delhi,,What to do? and when we can expect the Medical exam.letter from Ambassy?
Thanks for the guidence.

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